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This site offers all of the old talks and will present a regular series of new and original blogs on topics ranging from esoteric runology to the history and mysteries of pro-wrestling from esoteric interpretations of the Wizard of Oz to the meaning of Woden. In exchange for this we request a donation to our charitable, non-profit (501 [c] 3) animal rescue operation codified under the name Bastrop Cat Coalition.
For many years Crystal and I have done animal rescue. Our first project was for the rescue of abused and abandoned pot bellied pigs. At one time we had over thirty of them. This was the mid- to late-1990s. (We also have had two feral hogs-- one domestic [Max] and one Russian boar [Burglar]). We have also taken in a few dogs, abandoned on the road outside Woodharrow.

The next, and larger, project was for the cats. Crystal undertook a trap-neuter-return program and rescued many sick and injured cats. We built shelters and enclosures for them and gave them veterinarian care. All this has been almost entirely at our own expense. As long as Crystal was working and Runa-Raven was doing well and growing, it was a bearable sacrifice, and I simply hoped to be able to "prosper" our way out of the financial burden. Now with the destruction of Runa-Raven by hostile hands, coupled with the fact that Crystal can no longer work, times have gotten rather rough. We have a Mystery plan for the future, but NOW times are hard.

A part of the old Runa-Raven operation, which went down with the rest of the enterprise in late 2011, consisted of a body of work on a site called This was a series of talks (some 80 or so in number) and a semi-regular written "blog." At this time I would like to offer once again this archive of audio-recordings and renew the blog in exchange for a tax-deductible charitable donation to the Bastrop Cat Coalition. All funds go directly to the BCC account and are exclusively used for the care and feeding of the animals living at Woodharrow. We hope and trust you will enjoy the material and be gratified by providing a contribution to this cause. We thank you and the furry-folk of Woodharrow thank you!

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